Words and Fools

Besides the WORD, this morning 3 different resources, 2 books and 1 email all covered the same topic. OUR words. This typically alerts me that I’m about to get hit with a semi-truck. And if I take in some wisdom 📔 now I could avoid some pain. God loves keeping His children safe through instruction and as a PK and middle child, I love finding out the hard way!

I’m gonna write this out so it sinks in today! The world says, “speak your truth.” What you “feel” and “think” is good because it’s honest and authentic. But a Christ follower knows that “reality” and “worldly culturally accepted opinions” can be at times, evil.

I’ve found my feelings and thoughts are actually the first thing I need to line up with truth. “Follow your heart” ❤️ is about the most destructive advice I’ve ever followed. I cringe when I hear it! Especially for this GIRL! I’m very passionate if you can’t tell. So, here’s how sin unfolds…wrong feelings, wrong thoughts, wrong actions and wrong words. If we aren’t feeding our hearts and minds in truth then how can we trust our feelings and thoughts when they are formed by our environments and experiences. The emotions that we assign to them through the lens we look (looking through Rose colored lenses). Read that again…and if those who don’t start with the truth daily, then express their emotions or how you experienced something then they verbally may lead to trouble (through their reaction). Let’s take “gossip” today as it’s a big one with our WORDs. “Don’t expect me to love that woman, she did “Yada to me…”

Which brings me to forgiveness. Forgiveness is HARD and if we don’t constantly drop the story of “what was done to us” and exchange it for “what Christ has done for us” then nothing but poison is going to come from this mouth.. 🤮

David understood this! Read His prayers in Psalms 140. He Prays for a guard over His mouth. I Pray my Words build up not tear down. I pray that I am slow to speak and quick to listen. A wise woman/man doesn’t react to her/his emotions first. A fool does. Proverbs 18:2-3 “Fools have no interest in understanding; they only want to air their own opinions.” To sum it up, we all have feelings and opinions but wisdom say, we’ll check them with Him before we let them rip.

Self Energy Audit

Make 2 columns 
Drains vs. energizes

Make a list of things you do on the daily (you may want to prep for 3 days by writing down the tasks you do at what times and how they make you feel). So many things can factor into energy! And energy effects how we show up in the WORLD!!

Sleep, exercise, diet, supplements, relationships, stress, environment, tasks etc.

For today.. let’s Talk #Tasktiming

If you are building an online business or your job demands you to tap into creativity energy, then one simple place to start is with this question,
What time of day am I in my flow?

What task must you insert into the Flow time or it will NOT get done? For me, that’s studying and writing.

This part of my day brings me energy! It even carries me into other tasks that may be more draining. (This doesn’t mean you can quit them just because they are draining!) But you manage when you can “suck-it-up-buttercup” and “Git ‘Er Done!”)

So I put those so gloriously feel good tasks right behind my creativity time that just brought life! That time fills my cup, gives me vision, allows me some space to introvert and feels like I just took care of myself. If I don’t do it, my energy that day is a little more volatile. 😏

So I plan it in the right window! I wake up, read my Bible, take care of my daughter and her morning routine, I make sure she’s set up, then I grab Ketones for focus and set a timer! That way I won’t stay in my peaceful place too long but I’ll protect it from outside distractions. I won’t scroll or message or be on my phone while my timer is set and ticking away my favorite task.

If I try to do this at any other time of day it’s a struggle and I actually find it draining. As the day goes on I get more “let’s cross it off and get it done mentality”. By night, I don’t have an ounce of brain juice left and I want to play and relax.

So before you throw your hands in the air and say “I quit” or you feel that you have a “block” of some sort, maybe take an audit at shifting a certain task to a better time for YOU!

Ex. I can not help people and solve anyone else’s problems until I have had Jesus, coffee, and loved on my daughter. People who know me well may even ask “have you had ☕️!?” If they call me early and I pick up (which I shouldn’t, but sometimes family members are boundy-less) or If I open my phone before then and see demands coming in, I get resentful and grouchy.
If I simply save them until after my morning routine and creative hour then I’m beyond happy to dive in and help! It’s all about you knowing yourself and being a good steward of regulating your energy and time! It’s not easy, in fact it’s an art of discipline and takes practice! It may take a bit to figure it out, but worth trying and having BETTER flowing days filled with good energy and momentum!