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Hi! I’m Abby K and thanks for stopping by!  A little bit about me...

I am a mother, a lifestyle and fitness coach, and an Independent Promoter with the company Pruvit (I was actually one of the first to launch Pruvit products to the public!) …

…but most people call me their Metabolic Boss!

That’s because it’s become my passion and my heart’s purpose to help other women rev up their metabolism while finding the same freedom from cravings, emotional eating and low energy levels that I found several years ago.

Coming from the world of professional bodybuilding, personal training, and restrictive dieting, I found myself in an overly regimented lifestyle of watching the clock, monitoring meals, and avoiding gatherings with friends and family because of years of food obsession. It wasn’t sustainable and it wasn’t healthy and it had to go!

My life after bodybuilding needed a change, that being new passions, new hobbies, and new balance. Fortunately, I was able to take the same work ethic, discipline, and focus that I developed inside gyms and crossfit boxes…and channeled all that energy into truly helping others…and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Once I learned how to “biohack” my body to burn fat and heal the metabolic damage I did from restrictive and obsessive dieting, I realized I had to teach others. The results were nothing short of incredible!

Seeing so many women in the same position I once was in -measuring food, obsessive, and never feeling good enough – I decided to launch the Abby K Lifestyle to help women become their best self, to enjoy life, and celebrate who they truly are.

I began training others and coaching them through meal plans, studied to become a nutritionist, launched my own Tea Company, and then became a part of launching and sharing the world’s first therapeutic exogenous ketones to the market!

My clients now learn how to:

  • Remove guilt and shame associated with food
  • Eat intuitively (no counting or measuring)
  • Have healthier relationships with food, friends and family
  • Burn fat and…
  • Eliminate symptoms that were major stumbling blocks to their success!

Like so many women, I wear multiple hats, and that requires me to be intentional with how I spend my time.

So it is a top priority for me to share what I’ve learned with other busy women and help them gain focus, vision, simplicity, freedom, balance, and to experience a the best version of themselves!

In order to do that, I’m always creating new and exciting FREE content that you can access below!

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Chat soon!

Abby K