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Can I Have Fruit as a Post Workout Refuel?

Your workouts burn calories! Consuming protein and carbs after a sweat session is ideal for re-nourishing and post workout refuel. This post-workout period is also one of the best times for fruit, especially for ketogenic dieters (or KETO-ISH lifers like me). Carbs need to be limited, but they are still required, and what better time for carbs than when your body needs them most?

Here are the basics to your post workout refuel when you’re on a keto-ish diet:


As a general rule, keto dieters need to avoid fruit for the most part. Though you should not cut fruit out entirely because one of the most keto-friendly foods out there is the avocado, a fruit. An average-sized avocado has four carbs and is high in healthy fats and potassium. Lucky for those of you who don’t enjoy avocados, you can still eat sweet fruits too.


If avocados aren’t your thing, you can still enjoy raspberries, which contain less than six grams of carbs per half cup. These berries are light, sweet, quite refreshing an make awesome choices for that post workout refuel and re-feed. In addition to their taste, they contain antioxidants and help lower cholesterol. Raspberries can add extra flavor to any post workout smoothie or workout refuel, fruit after workout, hard workouts, keto diet, ketogenic, ketones, carbs, high fat low carb

If you’re keto and like blackberries, they make a perfect addition to a post-workout snack or meal. With only seven carbs in a cup, they provide consumers with vitamin C and K and possibly healthier skin. As if that wasn’t enough, they’re also delicious and fibrous, which satiates the appetite and allows that full feeling. Unfortunately for ketogenic eaters, berries are low-fat.


Avocados may be high-fat, but they are not too flavorful; good thing coconuts are. With over six grams of carbohydrates per cup, coconuts make an excellent addition to any smoothie and a pretty garnish when shredded. Coconut milk is also the base of many protein shake recipes. Although coconut milk is a part of these nutritious and appetizing drinks, fruit juices are not always keto approved, as they are filled with sugar and not as nutritious as fruits in their purest form.


While they have a little over seventeen grams of carbohydrates per serving, blueberries are still suitable for a ketogenic diet, so long as they are consumed in moderation and after a workout when your body is most receptive to carbs. Yes, they are higher-carb, but they are also rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. They also can prevent skin infections. Health benefits found in blueberries are undeniable, but so is the high carb content. A better choice would be raspberries or blackberries.


Exercise is essential for a healthy lifestyle, and so is eating the right food as a post workout refuel.  Fruit may have positive effects on the body but still needs to be consumed in moderation due to their sugar and occasionally high carb content. Food is required to fuel your workout and the recovery afterward. Enjoy these fruits and keto-friendly recipes, and happy eating.


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