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Want the Best Keto Reboot Results? Then Do THIS After the Reboot!

If you want to see Keto Reboot results, you have to keep putting the work in, even after the Reboot is done…

The fast lasts 60 hours of the month…But what about the OTHER hours of your life?

Getting the obvious out of the way, you don’t want to make any eating or exercise “mistakes” that would undo all the hard work you did to reboot your system. 

No pressure, but you probably don’t want to undo any of that awesomeness, right?

But don’t worry, I’ve got the secret to not only keeping those Keto Reboot results…but ENHANCING them even more!


Keep Taking Your Ketones

Okay, so maybe you knew I was going to say that…but I really want to emphasize it!

If you’ve forgotten what ketones do, other than maintaining the ketogenic state, and being used for energy…they also help you burn fat, reset metabolism and blood sugar, AND utilize muscle glycogen better!

And, what does better muscle glycogen mean? Exactly what you’re hoping for: more muscle building for even BETTER Keto Reboot results!

One study showed that adding raspberry ketones to lab rats’ fat cells increased fatty acid metabolism!

The cells were in a test tube, so the rats weren’t actually eating anything, or else I would have recommended they try KETO//OS Max Raspberry Lemonade!

You’d have to not be human to not like raz lemonade…oh, wait…


Anyway, the fat cells also produced more of a hormone that thin people always have more of than overweight people do, so that’s a good sign in favor of taking your exogenous ketones all month long!

Take a Look at My Plate

Well there’s just an empty space…(Phil Collins, “Against All Odds”) But what should be on your plate all month long after the Reboot, in order to get the best Keto Reboot results?

You’re going to want it to be about half veggies, half meat with healthy fats and oils.

Here are three easy examples: salmon, bell peppers and onions, and eggs…chili with cheese (loads of veggies mixed into the ground beef)…rainbow chard with sausage…feel free to liberally add coconut oil and butter to just about everything, and don’t forget the avocado, either!

So, if you look at your plate, and you’re pretty confident that it’s half meat and half veggies, along with your saturated fats (and, anything with omega-3s is a bonus) you can rest easy knowing that not only are you keeping your Keto Reboot results, but you’re also burning even more fat and lowering your risk for disease even more than by simply doing the reboot.


Water You Doing?

You’ll want to look at your glass of water with dinner, too. How much water should you be drinking per day to flush out toxins and maintain your body’s equilibrium? Well, take your weight and divide by 16. That’s how many glasses of water to drink EVERY DAY.

So, easiest example, if you weigh 160 lbs, divide by 16,  and you need to drink 10 glasses of water every day. Bonus: drinking water is really good for brain function too, because…well…dehydration makes your brain shrink! #truestory


BUT, I don’t want you to be motivated by fear of, “what if I don’t do everything right”?

To maximize your Keto Reboot results, follow these tips, but also don’t forgo that weekend carb splurge going out with your girlfriends!

Sure, you should “be on your best behavior” after the Keto Reboot to truly boost the results…but also, the Reboot itself is designed to cleanse your system and undo the damage of any unhealthy choices, without having to commit to a full-time “keto diet”!

So you can live your life, while also using MY tips to get the most mileage out of your Reboot!

So, Need An Effective Workout Plan to Build Muscle?

Have you been searching and searching for an effective workout plan to build muscle…and finding nothing??

If you’re familiar with my HFLC meal plan, and especially if you’re already jumpstarting your metabolism, you may be wondering,

How should I exercise?

My advice is to combine cardio workouts and strength training exercises three to four times a week.

And remember, if you build more muscle, your metabolism improves too…!

The Crazy “Fear”…

There is a common belief that when women start to lift weights, they develop bulky muscles. Big, masculine muscles on women are feared by some people…(Pssh…)

The surprising truth, however, is that woman grow lean muscles. Someone who understands exercise physiology can attest to this fact! Getting really big is actually difficult for guys, even though they produce more testosterone than women…

So DON’T be afraid of strength training, or of my effective workout plan to build muscle and achieve a well-toned body.

From the easier stuff like using low-resistance exercise bands, to more difficult stuff like using sliders on your feet to do burpees, comprehensive full body strength training routine. The content featured in the guides will give you enough help and confidence to keep exercising in the right way!! Want to know more? Well, keep on reading!


Why Can’t Women Develop Muscles Like Men?

As hinted earlier, males have more testosterone than women. This male hormone is associated with vitality and strength. It encourages massive muscle growth in men. However, men have to keep their levels high to attain their optimal muscle growth. This is why many take supplements and some turn to steroids. If it’s this hard for a man to gain muscle, how much harder will it be for the woman? Ladies produce ten to thirty times less testosterone than men.

Although you can build more muscle tissue, you cannot end up looking like a male bodybuilder. Instead, you will look tight, firm, fit and sexy!!

Importance of Building Muscle

  • Muscle Is Heavier Than Fat

Even if you see the number on the scale, and you think you’re getting heavier at first, know that your body fat level is dropping and that you’re really excelling with my effective workout plan to build muscle!

Muscles tend to create a well-toned body shape. Fat, on the other hand, makes you look fleshy. That’s why we greatly recommend strength training to women who want to successfully follow this meal plan.

  • Muscle Burns More Calories

Whether you are active or asleep, your muscles will naturally burn calories. According to research, every kilogram of your muscle is capable of burning seventy to one hundred calories each day.

That should convince you to start lifting weights…

  • Weight Lifting Improves Bone Strength

Women are at a higher risk of getting osteoporosis as they grow older. This is a disease that is caused by low bone density and porous bones. Those with this disease are in danger of fractures that can be so serious. As a result, weightlifting is going to do more than just burning calories. It may as well boost your bone density and strength. As your muscles grow, your bones will increase their density in response.


Muscles are actively repairing and rebuilding themselves even when we are inactive.

To facilitate that muscle repair, you need protein in all your meals. The human body is only able to make 12 amino acids on its own, but you need 20. You need to get the rest from food, and what contains high amounts of essential amino acids?? Protein!

Protein is crucial because it boosts muscle growth! Protein = amino acids that act as the building blocks of the muscle tissue! It repairs, builds and maintain healthy muscles. Since heavy lifting puts a lot of strain on the muscles, you have to help their muscles recover faster after exercise. Taking a rest is fine, but it’s not enough. Eating within thirty minutes after you’re done with your effective workout plan to build muscle speeds up your muscle recovery.

Strength Training Essential Equipment

Instructor Taking Exercise Class At Gym

To practice my body strength training routine, you need some basic equipment! Basically all gyms will have these items readily available, but they can be purchased for home use as well.

They are:

  • Dumbbell Sets

Maybe you have these already. However, we would suggest having them at three separate weight levels. This will help you swap the weights through the different exercises we have for you.

  • Medicine Ball

These can be found in different weights and it makes a versatile exercise tool.

  • Stability Ball

This ball is suitable for ab workouts, stability workouts and stretching exercises. It can be used together with weights!

Note: how to pick your stability ball

To choose your stability ball in the right size, consider your height first. If your height is under 4’6” a 12” stability ball is the right size for you. Anyone with a height range of 5’1” to 5’7” requires a 22” stability ball.  A person whose height is 5’8” to 6’2” requires a stability ball of 26”.

  • Kettlebells

Kettlebells can be light or heavy and they’re so versatile when it comes to the full-body workouts you can do with them.

  • Jump Rope

This is a very important item for those who can exercise at home. Ideal for intense cardio workouts!

  • Yoga Mat

Have you tried doing yoga without a mat? Trust me…you want the cushioning and comfort.

  • Advanced Exercise Tools, Like:


  • Weight Bench
  • Barbells
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • TRX straps

Optional Tools

If you prefer doing exercises at home, the following are more things you can include…Not mandatory though!!

  • Resistance Bands

These are multi-purpose workout tools. They are powerful essentials, if you want to easily and quickly build lean muscles. They can also be used when doing other workouts. They should only be $15 and they’ll be worth their weight in gold since you should be using them multiple times a week!!

  • Foam Rollers

Soothe painful muscles.

Hints for Success!

  1. Schedule

I totally get that you have a busy life and things can get in the way. My effective workout plan to build muscle is totally developed with that in mind! The first thing is to come up with a workout routine that makes sense…This can help you plan ahead. At the back of your mind, you will know when you have to be back at home or at the gym to work out. A regular schedule will help you avoid skipping workouts!

  1. Friends

Exercising alone can make you the victim of boredom and lack of motivation. You can achieve more if you have a partner! He or she could keep you accountable so you are not skipping your workouts, and motivate you to work harder every day of the week.

  1. Practice

If you have never exercised with weights, your first time will feel WEIRD!!

Same goes if you haven’t exercised your body for several weeks now…

If you’re rusty, practice your workouts without weights. Once you learn the moves, incorporate the weights and see how it goes. Besides getting used to the routine, this trick could protect you from an injury!

  1. Modify

Speaking of avoiding injury…What if your body isn’t adequately flexible for an exercise? In order to squat all the way down, you will need to attempt the exercise some more to improve your mobility and flexibility. Our objective is to teach you how you can exercise your body without injuring it.

An effective workout plan to build muscle can only be effective if it’s individualized and that’s what I strive for so that you’re not trying to do stuff you can’t do!! You’re my client and that is super important to me!

If you can stay safe, and make progress, it’s good enough!

Why Free Weights are Vital

Whether you exercise at home or at the gym, one thing will determine your success…free weights.

They trigger better results than bigger machines because they work out your stabilizer muscles at the same time. These are small muscles that surround the larger muscles. They should be reinforced and strengthened to do their work: support your whole body, improve your movements and increase your balance.

If you’re a beginning, you might be afraid you’re not in good enough shape to handle free weights.


Our book has tips on how to use free weights without any risk of injuring yourself!

To do a balanced workout, you still need machines. They’ll guide you in the movements you do and help you track your progress. In other words, you’ll know when to increase the weight you are lifting…The only thing the machines will NOT do is to stabilize your stabilizer muscles the way free weights do!

Getting Rid of Fat Faster

My workout plan combines both cardio (steady state and HITT) and strength training. This is the only thing you need to get faster results!

(Well, that and the meal plan that comes with my jumpstart your metabolism, 5-day experience!!)

  • Cardio Workouts

We’ll start out with the shorter cardio workouts. Cardio exercises let you warm up. In other words, they get your body ready and let your muscles to stretch more freely when you start lifting weights. We offer short cardio exercises that last for five to fifteen minutes!

  • Strength Training Workouts

A good session should last between thirty and forty-five minutes. It’s the best way to lose extra calories that are turned into fat deposits. As you gain muscle mass, it will become easier to lose weight!

  • HIIT Cardio

Weight lifting is sooo important! When you get stronger and more muscular, you burn fat easily. Along with lifting weights, I think it’s necessary to do some HIIT exercises (High Intensity Interval Training).

HIIT training is designed to happen for fifteen to thirty minutes and I’ve explained it in detail in my guide!

Note: Work out in this order: short cardio exercises, strength training and HIIT cardio exercises. Don’t try to do HIIT workouts before you lift weights because a lot of energy will be spent. Then you will be too tired to lift weights!!

So…Why Bother to Exercise Your Whole Body?

Overall, my main goal with my workout routines is to give FULL-BODY RESULTS. My videos show you how to exercise EACH PART of your body. This will help you gain even results rather than lose weight on just one area.

That’s “spot reduction,” but, sorry, that doesn’t work! Another problem with “spot reduction” is that trying can exhaust your muscles. But when you alternate major muscle groups all over the week, you’re giving your muscles enough time to rest and rebuild. Yay!

I already emphasized the reasons why strength training is ideal. It means you gain more muscle, which your body needs to burn more calories and reduce fat in all areas.

Ideally, workouts should focus on your major muscle groups: chest, legs and back. In the process of working these muscles, you’ll also exercise your smaller ones: biceps, triceps, calves and shoulders. And even though I do emphasize having the right equipment, you really barely need any equipment and you can do these exercises from literally ANYWHERE, even a hotel room!

Your muscles need to work together to EXECUTE a lot of the harder exercises and that’s exactly what I’m here to train you to do!


Are you ready?? And did you enjoy any of my videos, or feel motivated to start getting REAL RESULTS from your workouts, your diet, or both?

Well then, check out even more of my workouts, my discussions on keto with medical professionals, my words/philosophies of affirmation and encouragement, and more, on my Youtube channel!