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Want the Best Keto Reboot Results? Then Do THIS After the Reboot!

If you want to see Keto Reboot results, you have to keep putting the work in, even after the Reboot is done…

The fast lasts 60 hours of the month…But what about the OTHER hours of your life?

Getting the obvious out of the way, you don’t want to make any eating or exercise “mistakes” that would undo all the hard work you did to reboot your system. 

No pressure, but you probably don’t want to undo any of that awesomeness, right?

But don’t worry, I’ve got the secret to not only keeping those Keto Reboot results…but ENHANCING them even more!


Keep Taking Your Ketones

Okay, so maybe you knew I was going to say that…but I really want to emphasize it!

If you’ve forgotten what ketones do, other than maintaining the ketogenic state, and being used for energy…they also help you burn fat, reset metabolism and blood sugar, AND utilize muscle glycogen better!

And, what does better muscle glycogen mean? Exactly what you’re hoping for: more muscle building for even BETTER Keto Reboot results!

One study showed that adding raspberry ketones to lab rats’ fat cells increased fatty acid metabolism!

The cells were in a test tube, so the rats weren’t actually eating anything, or else I would have recommended they try KETO//OS Max Raspberry Lemonade!

You’d have to not be human to not like raz lemonade…oh, wait…


Anyway, the fat cells also produced more of a hormone that thin people always have more of than overweight people do, so that’s a good sign in favor of taking your exogenous ketones all month long!

Take a Look at My Plate

Well there’s just an empty space…(Phil Collins, “Against All Odds”) But what should be on your plate all month long after the Reboot, in order to get the best Keto Reboot results?

You’re going to want it to be about half veggies, half meat with healthy fats and oils.

Here are three easy examples: salmon, bell peppers and onions, and eggs…chili with cheese (loads of veggies mixed into the ground beef)…rainbow chard with sausage…feel free to liberally add coconut oil and butter to just about everything, and don’t forget the avocado, either!

So, if you look at your plate, and you’re pretty confident that it’s half meat and half veggies, along with your saturated fats (and, anything with omega-3s is a bonus) you can rest easy knowing that not only are you keeping your Keto Reboot results, but you’re also burning even more fat and lowering your risk for disease even more than by simply doing the reboot.


Water You Doing?

You’ll want to look at your glass of water with dinner, too. How much water should you be drinking per day to flush out toxins and maintain your body’s equilibrium? Well, take your weight and divide by 16. That’s how many glasses of water to drink EVERY DAY.

So, easiest example, if you weigh 160 lbs, divide by 16,  and you need to drink 10 glasses of water every day. Bonus: drinking water is really good for brain function too, because…well…dehydration makes your brain shrink! #truestory


BUT, I don’t want you to be motivated by fear of, “what if I don’t do everything right”?

To maximize your Keto Reboot results, follow these tips, but also don’t forgo that weekend carb splurge going out with your girlfriends!

Sure, you should “be on your best behavior” after the Keto Reboot to truly boost the results…but also, the Reboot itself is designed to cleanse your system and undo the damage of any unhealthy choices, without having to commit to a full-time “keto diet”!

So you can live your life, while also using MY tips to get the most mileage out of your Reboot!

Abigail Epps

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