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Why Consuming Exogenous Ketones is Worth It!

Exogenous ketones are my absolute go-to for ultimate health and energy…Do you take them?

Because, athletes sure do!

Exogenous ketones consumption among athletes continues to rise in 2018! A ketogenic diet has become the pinnacle of meal planning for many athletes.

Just as a refresher: keto = high-fat dieting and eating roughly fifty grams or less of carbohydrates per day. This is the same as eating only two slices of bread or a cup of rice.


What are Ketones?

Ketones are produced in the liver. They are small amounts of fat that amass from intense fat metabolism. This occurs when the levels of carbs are exceptionally low in the cells.

To increase the level of ketones in your body cells and tissues, do these two things!!

  • Begin a fasting diet for a set number of days
  • Begin a ketogenic diet (I mean, duh)

As long as you are not taking medications and are not diabetic, doing this will 100% (actually, way more than that) boost the ketones in your cells.


Why Should You Try a Keto Diet, and Take Exogenous Ketones?

If you are a professional marathoner or do high-performance exercises, you may wonder why keto would ever be right for you…Carbs = energy, right?


Being on keto = re-fueled body without the need to eat more carbs when running or racing.

Second, this diet reduces your chances of developing stomach issues like bloating, which you DEFINITELY GET when you eat carbohydrates during training…

Your body can rely less on the carbs stored in your liver and muscles (glycogen) and more on the carbs you consume in the form of drinks and edibles.


Are Exogenous Ketones a Super Fuel??

(Yes!) Let me break down a couple studies for you…

The first study shows that BHB can generate more energy per breath of air than you can on a diet.

Cyclists were given a 3D form of BHB (links a precursor with acetoacetate ketone molecules. Basically, it’s similar to exogenous ketones!)…Half of this drink was consumed before exercise and the rest during exercise.

The cyclists who consumed the ester drink didn’t experience gut issues while exercising!! At all! For some of us, that is just so huge!

The BHB ester also improved the cyclists’ performance over a one hour ride. So, basically, exogenous ketones = a big ol’ YES!


Starting on a Ketogenic Diet

Eating a diet that’s low in carbs and high in fat doesn’t always start smoothly for some people during their intense training sessions.

You’re gonna endure the SENSATIONS of hunger and irritability, but they’re just that, sensations.

Over time a short time, however, the body adapts to the diet, and a person leads a normal life.

Exogenous ketones will help you even more with getting your ketone levels up and thus adapting to the keto diet more quickly!

The main products on the market now are labeled “salts” of BHB, and this refers to calcium, sodium, and potassium —all related to the BHB ketone molecule. There’s also an ester called ketone pro-nutrient, as an alternative kind of BHB.  In this case, the BHB is not connected to a salt molecule; it is linked with a precursor of another ketone and ketones are released during digestion.

BHB salts are readily available to everyone, but should be taken in moderation to avoid abdominal pain. Digestive distress is a slight concern if you decide to take ketone supplements containing MCTs (Medium Chain Triglycerides), as is a common additive in ketone supplements.

That’d be no good, but with my ketones and my diet plan, you don’t have to worry about over-consumption.

So go buy some keto sticks or strips, and meet me back here when you’re ready to get those levels up!

Abigail Epps

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