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Words and Fools

Besides the WORD, this morning 3 different resources, 2 books and 1 email all covered the same topic. OUR words. This typically alerts me that I’m about to get hit with a semi-truck. And if I take in some wisdom 📔 now I could avoid some pain. God loves keeping His children safe through instruction and as a PK and middle child, I love finding out the hard way!

I’m gonna write this out so it sinks in today! The world says, “speak your truth.” What you “feel” and “think” is good because it’s honest and authentic. But a Christ follower knows that “reality” and “worldly culturally accepted opinions” can be at times, evil.

I’ve found my feelings and thoughts are actually the first thing I need to line up with truth. “Follow your heart” ❤️ is about the most destructive advice I’ve ever followed. I cringe when I hear it! Especially for this GIRL! I’m very passionate if you can’t tell. So, here’s how sin unfolds…wrong feelings, wrong thoughts, wrong actions and wrong words. If we aren’t feeding our hearts and minds in truth then how can we trust our feelings and thoughts when they are formed by our environments and experiences. The emotions that we assign to them through the lens we look (looking through Rose colored lenses). Read that again…and if those who don’t start with the truth daily, then express their emotions or how you experienced something then they verbally may lead to trouble (through their reaction). Let’s take “gossip” today as it’s a big one with our WORDs. “Don’t expect me to love that woman, she did “Yada to me…”

Which brings me to forgiveness. Forgiveness is HARD and if we don’t constantly drop the story of “what was done to us” and exchange it for “what Christ has done for us” then nothing but poison is going to come from this mouth.. 🤮

David understood this! Read His prayers in Psalms 140. He Prays for a guard over His mouth. I Pray my Words build up not tear down. I pray that I am slow to speak and quick to listen. A wise woman/man doesn’t react to her/his emotions first. A fool does. Proverbs 18:2-3 “Fools have no interest in understanding; they only want to air their own opinions.” To sum it up, we all have feelings and opinions but wisdom say, we’ll check them with Him before we let them rip.

Abigail Epps

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